Welcome to Music of The World

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My name is Claudia Garcia and I welcome you to Music of The WorldMusic of The World is a music travelogue show where myself and another host will be traveling around the world, broadcasting and interviewing local music bands. The idea for creating this show in the United States is to develop an original and unique way of exploring music from many different countries. This type of show is well-timed and relevant, as it has not yet been developed in the United States. Culturally and socially speaking, a music travelogue show would contribute to expand the interest for unknown music. Additionally, the music market is growing, and to propose this kind of show can be a fruitful venture for the television and music industry.

The purpose of a television travelogue show is to present to television viewers the existence of different cultures and civilizations. The particularity of these travelogue shows also consists of encouraging people to travel and to discover different horizons. In the same way, music can be presented to people to take them on a journey, and in this case “Music of the World” would introduce different bands from the country the two hosts are visiting.


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