Episode 1: France

Google Images/ Medieval Bands

Welcome to France. In Episode 1, Music of The World will start the journey in the heart of France where one of the earliest known French songs ‘Le Carillon de Vendôme’ was composed during the 15th century. It has been named after the town of Vendôme, and describes some matters involving the Treaty of Troyes, wherein the French King Charles VII got control of a few cities like Vendôme, Orléans, and Bourges. We will invite a band which will be playing medieval music consisting of a myriad varieties and sub-types, ranging from traditional folk to opera, and classical to electronic. While the band plays, the Host will be talking about medieval music like Motet, Troubadour, and Ars Nova.

Then, we will move to the region of Burgundy where French music underwent a major change during the Renaissance period, most notably between the 15th and 18th centuries. This region gave rise to the Burgundian and Franco-Flemish styles of compositions. Another traditional band will be playing, and the host will be talking about music from Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras. This aspect will allow the Host to explain the origins of Traditional and Folk music.


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