Episode 2: Mexico (cont.)


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The accordion and the “bajo sexto” (a twelve string guitar) are Norteños most characteristic instruments. In the late 19th century European migrants brought the accordion, waltz and polka, from their homeland to Northern Mexico (hence the name Norteño which means “Northern”) and the U.S. Southwest. Local bands adopted these elements, blended them with their Ranchera music, and a new genre was born. The tempo is usually middle or fast. “Tejano” or “Tex-Mex”music is often confused with Norteño; however Tejano is a blend of Norteño and American rock and country music. Grupo Pesado is the leader in Norteño music today.

Finally, both hosts will be in the Mexican capital, Mexico D.F., where at the turn of the 20th century, modern elements evolved, and Mexican music has become famous all over the world. Apart from retaining the traditional compositional sense, modern genres like Pop, Heavy Metal, Rock, Hip-hop, Electronic, Disco, etc., have also evolved especially in the late 20th century and the current 21st century. Some famous artists include the most famous Mexican band that will be playing at the end of the episode to wrap up the show. This is the famous Maná from Guadalajara who will play their well-known hits which revolutionized Mexican Pop music.

The music of Mexico is a very important part of Mexican culture and is always part of a celebration, whether big or small. The music of Mexico sings of love, country, passion, history, legend and oppression, among other things. Although the people of Mexico listen to music from all over the world and also produce their own forms of modern music, traditional Mexican music continues to be very popular with people of all ages. These traditional forms of Mexican music are undeniably colorful, filled with passion and were created in the origins of this culturally rich country.


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